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Discover Leadership: 6 Steps to Success!

What's in the course?

1. The Leadership Mindset


This module is about the subtle but powerful mindset changes a new leader needs to make to be able to lead confidently and competently


When you move from technical expertise to leadership, there is a subtle but crucial change in mindset that needs to happen before you can settle into your role as a leader. This module is all about the changes a new leader needs to make to be able to lead confidently and competently


· Change of focus: It’s not about you
· Creating and sharing your vision
· Letting go of specialisation & growing new skills
· Accelerating E.Q.
· Saying yes to persuasion
· Strengths and development areas
· Resilience and stress management


As a leader, we need to understand and celebrate diversity to create staff who contribute in their own special way to create a winning team.


One thing is certain - no two people are alike. Understanding where our "difference" comes from and how each person in our team has something unique to offer, we can broaden our perspective and allow more individualism, invite different opinions and thereby create better engagement with the people in our teams.


·         Diversity of experience
·         Personality types
·         Intrinsic motivation
·         Values and beliefs
·         Culture
·         Adapting to difference


Communication is something every good leader needs to excel at. Being able to communicate effectively is the hallmark of all great leaders.


Communication is verb. It's something we all need to become good at if we want to be effective. To be able to influence, lead, coach or mentor your staff, excellent communication is a prerequisite. Good communication is the foundation of healthy relationships.


·         The biggest error in communication
·         How communication works (and doesn’t)
·         Getting clear
·         Selling new ideas
·         The reason for communication failures and how to overcome


Coaching and mentoring are tools that every influencer or leader must have access to in order to achieve performance and growth in his or her people.


A leader needs many different tools to be able to achieve results. Having all of the right tools - and knowing which to use where - is essential to be able to grow, guide, influence and correct. Coaching allows leaders to help "unlock" their staff's innate potential, while mentoring helps them to learn from someone with more experience.


·         The core of coaching
·         The difference between coaching and mentoring
·         Feedback as continuous improvement
·         Goal setting
·         Empowering and uplifting others


Where the rubber hits the road. Practical techniques and tools for getting the best out of your team.


High performing teams operate on a solid foundation of trust and healthy relationships. There are ways a leader can develop trust through open communication about discrepancies, being able to give and receive feedback eloquently and effectively and to manage performance maturely and with integrity.


·         Building trust
·         Healthy conflict
·         Having tough conversations
·         Letting go of control encouraging ownership
·         Successful meetings
·         Performance management
·         Motivating versus demotivating


Great leaders need to be able to steer their people through times of change.


Let's face it, change is the only constant. There will ALWAYS be change. When leaders understand the inner workings of the human brain in times of change, they will be better equipped to lead the way through the inevitable challenges that come with any change.


·         Understanding why people fear change
·         Handling resistance to change
·         Keeping people motivated
·         Recognition and reward
·         Being open to feedback
·         Leading by example

Course Features

Practical Skills Practice Activities
Guidance from Internationally Renowned Leadership Coaches
Discussion Forums
Live and Online Tutorials
Comprehensive Learning Resources

What will you get?

Awareness of your leadership style strengths and weaknesses
Understanding team dynamics/creating a language for workplace behaviours
Understanding the importance of empathy
Improved ability to give and receive effective feedback
Becoming comfortable with difficult conversations
Improved time management skills
Develop realistic expectations for how these leadership/communication principles can be adopted in your practice.
Mastermind webinars

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How is this course delivered

The course begins on Monday, August 26th, 2019.

This online course is a combination of Live online group coaching sessions [webinar style using the webinar program called Zoom] along with practical activities and access to resources in a course area that can be done in your own time.

This will allow you flexibility in the learning process throughout the 4 months of this course.

We will be emailing you a login access to a dedicated course area. In the course area, there are discussion boards message boards - for you to post any questions to your coaches & your peers and to contribute to the discussion topics posted as part of the course. In addition, the course area will host additional material, including activities and exercises that you can implement in your clinic and useful resources.The Online Live Group coaching sessions will be twice a month on a Tuesday evening at 19:30. The dates are : August 27, September 10, 24, October 8, 22, November 5, 19.

These tutorials will be approximately 1 hour in duration, LIVE and online – delivered via an online web-room. You will be able to choose to turn your microphone and webcam on. It will be facilitated by both Paul Ashley Jensen and Gill Baronetti. These live sessions will  give you the chance to interact with your coaches, network with your colleagues and review the fortnightly learning and strategy.

All of these live group sessions will be recorded, in case you cannot attend them in real time, so you will not miss out on any material covered.

The anticipated time commitment for the course will be about 2-4 hours per week.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

When is it?

Start Date: Monday, August 26, 2019

Duration: 4 Months | 6 Modules

Live Group Coaching Dates


All sessions will be at 19:30 AEST

Course Fee


Individual Sign-Up

AUD 1100


Practice Sign-Up

Special discounted price!

First TWO team members: AUD 1100

3rd team member onwards from the same practice:
AUD 250 per person

Please note: The prices mentioned above are in Australian Dollars.

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