Frequently Asked Questions - Vet Education
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A webinar member is an individual who has taken an annual subscription to the Vet Education webinar series. The Vet Education webinar series includes individual webinars - typically held in February, April, May/June and September/October, as well as the Vet Education International Online Veterinary Conference in July, and the Online Toxicology Symposium, held in November, as well as other webinars and special events that may occur from time to time. On average, a Vet Education webinar member will have access to 35-45 live webinars per year - and the recordings of these webinars. Additionally, a webinar member will have 24/7 access to our massive webinar library, containing over 170 webinar recordings from the past 7 years.


The cost for a single Vet Education course or webinar attendance or webinar membership is indicated under the description of the course. All fees must be paid in full prior to the user commencing the course, webinar, or webinar membership. Vet Education will make all reasonable efforts to ensure a server hosting electronic content of the course is continuously available to the subscriber, but if access is suspended or interrupted, liability will be limited to restoring access to the server as soon as practicable. Vet Education uses third party services to provide electronic access to online course content and live webinar and tutorial content, and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any defect, failure in or non-availability of third party services. However, Vet Education takes our responsibility for providing service seriously, and will make every effort to restore access to course or webinar materials through alternative delivery methods should we be unable to restore access to original online course content or webinars within a reasonable period.


As part of the online payment, registration or logging in process we may need information from you that identifies you personally. This information includes first name, last name, telephone, email and physical address details. Information will not be made available to any third party without your express permission.


During the course payment and registration process we use the latest industry-standard encryption technologies and a secure server for transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our site.